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Introducing a First for Patient Assistance Software.

PAPrx Scanning/Imaging

PAPrx now has the ability to Scan and Image any document connected to a patient's account.  These documents are kept on your local computer for any PAPrx user to review or print.  PAPrx users only need to access the patient file once a year to scan in the patient Proof of Income, Tax Return, Power of Attorney, LIS Denial Letter, Zero Income Letter and more. 

Then, as PAP forms are printed the latest POI are automatically printed behind the forms that require a POI attached. 

Save scores of work hours of with this unique feature of the original PAPrx.


PAPrx is already the fastest and most comprehensive software available to address your Patient Assistance Program needs.  Our standing speed record for PAP forms printed by one person in one day is 600 PAP forms with the required 4506 and the prescribers medication Rx form when needed.  Now the PAPrx user does not need to go to the files to pull and photocopy the POI documentation.  PAPrx prints these documents collated with the PAP forms automatically.



The Patient Assistance Programs Rx (PAPrx) software allows the inexperienced medical office worker to create and track the forms required by the pharmaceutical companies when requesting prescription medications for indigent patients.

PAPrx provides every PAP medication and every PAP form available.  Our service includes free data importing from accounts receivable programs.

Community Health Centers and Hospitals should contact us at (512) 306-1780.

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PAPrx Customer Care Group.


Software Features 
Installation program and notes for getting PAPrx serving your patients quickly.
PAPrx includes a CD tutorial and telephone support.  
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A brief history of the PAPrx software.
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Read how organizations have used PAPrx as a flexible platform to address indigent patient prescriptions.